You’ve worked with the Coen Brothers numerous times now – Hail, Cesar!, No Country for Old Men – what makes you click with them?

Maybe the absurdity factor. I just really enjoy their sensibility, I get it. I don’t know why. You wouldn’t think, because we come from extremely different backgrounds, and charismatically we come from very different backgrounds. But I think, I just get it. What they chuckle at makes me chuckle. Even this new movie, Suburbicon, which we’re going to do for George [Clooney] which Jo and Ethan [Coen] wrote, he called me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a few scenes and I already knew it was a yes, because I knew it was written by Jo and Ethan. But then I read it and I’m laughing out loud, and it’s not very often you laugh out loud at their stuff. Also, there’s almost a mentorship in our relationship because they see in me the ability to play things, so they trust me to find my way through a role, that I wouldn’t necessarily pick for myself. No Country, maybe not, but True Grit, we came up with something a little different for that. And with Hail, Cesar! we came up with something different. It’s fun to create with them. I feel like all of us are on the ground with a lot of play-doh.

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